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About Us
Established in 1986 Free Spirit has been committed to providing high quality engravings at a reasonable price and developing new designs and methods.  Introducing in 1989 full color engravings for motorcycle windshields that were very distinct and highly visible yet did not interfere with driver visibility.  In 1990 began using and developing a form of Mezzotint engraving for stone and glass that produced a very true to life art with perspective and dimension.
Known for the Wildlife and Native American Art, Free Spirit has also become known for the custom artwork.  The mix and match of designs, customer ideas, and reference pictures combines into a one of kind engraving on motorcycle windshields, glass, and stone memorials.
Many Local, State, Regional, and National Bike Show winners have had windshields engraved by Free Spirit.  Motorcycle windshields engraved  by Free Spirit can be found throughout the United states as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.